Friday, July 18, 2008


I headed down to Livonia yesterday, thinking I might run into Daman A. ....he is a real inspiration (customer service wise)....but I had just missed him. Anyway I rolled up early afternoon and found Ashley running the store instead. Everything was in perfect shape...clean, tidy, organized, friendly....the whole nine yards. They had some fans goin' because they lost their Air Conditioning unit the night before (it was fixed by time I got there), 'course this happens this time of year when you get those 90+ degrees and high humidity days. I had a chance to interview Ashley, and then Steve A. stopped in and we had a great was good to see him. I love this store!


The Butz Clan said...

Daman and his team are GREAT!! Business is growing and it is because they take care of the customers the BIGGBY way!

Anonymous said...

Daman and his team really are fantastic! I know I am in for a great day when I start it at this store!