Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wow! I got a chance to swing over to the store this afternoon and visit with John and Tracey....they had a big day with over 420 cups on their first day! They are located East of Flint on I 69 and when I interviewed them around 1pm they were in the 240 cup range...obviously they rallied in the end! That's the way it is, ya'know? Once the word get's out that a store is open...there is just no stoppin' it :)

Their crew was great, the trainers were awesome...and these guys have the enthusiasm and energy to make it all come true....thanks John and Tracey, you guys are awesome!


Tony said...

Congratulations John & Tracey! I can't wait to see your store. Keep on growing.

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB! You are all raising the standard and showing what can be done! What a great opening! Continued success to you! Cathy

JD said...

Good for you guys! I'm so excited to see you open and doing an interview on the blog...I look forward to my first visit. I've heard nothing but great things about the staff, and look forward to meeting them. Good luck and see you soon! -JD