Monday, September 29, 2008


The BIGGBY COFFEE Mason MI was busy today and still desperate for some more volunteers....below are pictures of the crew and of Ty just before he signed a BIGGBY mug.

Some quotes from Lori...

Picture of Ty right before he signed our BIGGBY Mug!


We would love to have some more stores get involved.

What we need:

Stores to brew coffee to fill cambro's (which we have) at night, since their crews work all night long, and drop off at the check-in site (located at the Holiday Inn on S. Cedar).
To brew coffee cambro's in the morning to refresh the cambro's used at night.
To donate bag of BIGGBY's Best, ground for brewing that day.
To donate 2 sleeves of short cups and 1 sleeve of lids.

Have fun Lori!!!


Anonymous said...

this is awesome!!!! I love this show, i am so proud that Biggbys is doing this!! Do we have any idea when this episode will air Bob?

Anonymous said...

What a cool thing! This is a great opportunity for us to show people the "BIGGBY WAY"! Giving is getting and that is one of the things I love about our company! ch

BIGGBY BOB said...


November is the word I got.... :)

Tony said...

Come on Lansing owners. We've got a shot to be on national t.v. Keep the cambros coming.