Thursday, September 25, 2008

Digby finds a friend in Muskegon

DIGBY meets le Frog

So I was hanging around the store...and before I knew it Digby is making the rounds himself and meetin' people and chattin' it up. I look up by the front counter and he sittin' with 'le frog'...just hangin' out. I was kinda jealous...:)


Nigel T. Monkey said...

Great display of your Foriegn Policy Experience Digby. It is good to see you get along with the French.
~ Nigel

P.S. Today is Pintday so don't forget to have Bob stop at the pub on the way home from work for you. You've got to start the weekend off proper.

TracyC said...

This is brilliant! What the world needs is more softies and more Biggby coffees and more softies at Biggby!