Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can't Touch This!

That's right it's 'Hammer Time' in Muskegon...and this BIGGBY crew has got it all! They got 'the ying', they got 'the yang', they got the 'mo', and they got the enthusiasm and energy to do whatever they want! Ya' gotta love it!

Where do ya' find people like this? Well here it is....they are not grown on some happy farm, they aren't molded by some super-philosophy, and they are not pre-selected using some Psycho-Graphic tests (whatever that means):)

It's already in all of us...that's right, you got it, I got it, they got it....we all got it....but usually it's pounded right of us, we grow up, we gotta get serious, and we can't have fun anymore.

Well at BIGGBY it's different...Friends, Fun, Happy, Freedom to be who you are...when it's released, it's powerful, uncontainable, it bubbles up from's contagious and all you want is more.

Muskegan (store 266)'ve got it and I love you for this!


Anonymous said...

That's so fun! Looks like you better go visit
them Bob =)

JD said...

Oh my god.

That was amazing.

If you guys make coffee half as well as you sing you're going to take the world by storm.

I cannot wait to visit.

See you soon!

A2 Lebowsky said...


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool! Make me proud to be a part of happy quirky little world.

Unknown said...

Haha yea i'm on top saying yes!


Anonymous said...

We have a great team and we can hardly wait for Tuesday!! Watch out Muskegon, we are going to "B" BIGGBY'S BEST!

The Butz Clan said...

I have watched this video no less then 20 times since last week! This store is going to ROCK - why? Because you will provide the experience the customer is looking for!

Have a GREAT opening!

Anonymous said...

Muskegon signs
On gilded wings
And makes my day so fine.

Now Tuesday brings
A brand new thing
A Biggby store sublime!

Anonymous said...

Hahaa thats me on the bottom row, last one on the right! :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, glad to see my home town is finally going to get a Biggby!