Sunday, September 21, 2008

Take the Subway to Muskegon...and find a BIGGBY COFFEE

BIGGBY COFFEE is opening it's newest location in Muskegon on Tuesday, here is an article talking about that store...Full Article

Local Subway king adding Biggby Coffee outlet
Posted by Dave Alexander | The Muskegon Chronicle September 20, 2008 23:11PM
Categories: Business
Muskegon's sandwich king is adding coffee to his franchise network.

Local Subway Sandwich shop king Pete Gawkowski is opening Muskegon's first Biggby Coffee, the fast-growing East Lansing-based regional coffee shop chain. He is partnering with family friend Deb Smith, who will manage the shop at 3295 Henry in Roosevelt Park.

The coffee shop, with drive-thru service and Wi-Fi access for wireless Internet users inside, is located in front of the Wal-Mart and directly across the street from the newly created entrance to the Meijer Inc. Gawkowski -- who owns 16 Subways from Muskegon to Grand Haven and Newaygo County -- and Smith are not just opening a single outlet, but expecting to develop the Biggby brand in the Muskegon area.

"I started as a loyal Biggby customer years ago, so I know what makes the whole experience unique from the other side of the counter," said Gawkowski, who also is developing an indoor baseball/softball training facility in southern Norton Shores. "When I was looking for my next franchise opportunity, I knew Biggby Coffee was it and I'm proud to bring that experience to Muskegon."

Smith, of Norton Shores, comes to the coffee business from 11 years as a paraprofessional working in the Muskegon Public Schools' reading programs. During the past year, she has worked in the food service industry and has been working on the Biggby development since June.

The coffee shop opens Tuesday. It will offer coffee, various espresso-based specialty drinks, smoothies, teas and light food from bagels and bake goods to sandwiches.

"Biggby is more than just coffee," Smith said. "It's the experience. It's where everyone knows your name."

Smith said that she and Gawkowski have sought a coffee shop opportunity for some time. The coffee business is the fastest growing segment in the food service industry and Muskegon still offers opportunities, she said.

The partners, who operate as GNS Java, had thought about an independent shop but found the Biggby franchise the best path into the business. Biggby, founded in an old Arby's outlet near Michigan State University's campus in 1995, provides its franchise owners with a successful business plan and plenty of backup training, Smith said. The shop will bring 20 full- and part-time jobs.

In selecting the Henry Street location, GNS Java looked at traffic counts and found the morning numbers favorable for a coffee shop, Smith said. Gawkowski just opened a rebuilt Subway at Henry and Summit avenues and knows the area well.

"You can't discount a man who has succeeded with 16 Subways," Smith said of Gawkowski's experience. "Pete has a proven track record."

There is no doubt that GNS Java will move forward on additional Muskegon-area locations, Smith said, adding that initial customer response to the Henry Street outlet will determine the pace of expansion.

"We are absolutely looking to expand," Smith said.


Tony said...

Awesome article. BIGGBY is proud to have Pete and his family as franchisees. They, along with Deb, will do a great job in Muskegon. I look forward to getting my double-short Americano on Tuesday morning.

The Butz Clan said...

This team rocks the west coast of Michigan! It only has 180 degrees of community to rock (the lake) but it will do GREAT! Can not wait to see this team in action!

BIGGBY BOB said...

I spoke to Pete yesterday...and he was a little embarrassed about the "SUBWAY KING" reference...

Simply's not him, he would never refer to himself that other words he is much more humble than that.

The reporter (who is good) just took a literary license...that Pete will probably never live down :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's great to have more coffee shops in Muskegon. I wonder if Muskegon is ready for the $4 latte. I also wonder if there will be enough volume to make a profit.