Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bill gives us an update on the new music list!

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Order up! Your coffee shop playlist is readyPosted by Bill Chapin September 02, 2008 10:54AM
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Well, it's time to reveal the 10-song playlist that I'm going to pass along to the folks at Biggby Coffee after they asked little old me to suggest some titles to add to the new music selection that plays in their stores.

French-Israeli chanteuse Yael Naim seems like a good fit musically for a coffee shop.As promised, I've reserved five spots on the list for suggestions sent in by readers. I heard from three of you. Two sent in a full list of five song, and in the interest of spreading the wealth, I used the first two tunes on both their lists. A suggestion also came in from, I believe, Biggby Coffee CEO and co-founder Bob Fish, whom I'm assuming could get any song he wanted played in his stores, but I enjoyed his suggestion and had room for one more reader-submitted song.
In choosing my personal picks, I tried to go with artists whom I love but that are still relatively unknown. I already tend to plug them fairly regularly on this blog, but I figure they can use all the exposure they can get. It was hard narrowing my options down to just five songs.

As a result of all the different input, this list is all over the map, from '80s jazz-pop to traditional folk to indie rock. I'm also not sure how closely it adheres to the "standards for energy and fun" that I was told the songs would have to meet in order to be considered.

Here are the songs coming (pending approval) to a coffee shop near you:

1. "New Soul," Yael Naim (suggested by "brklynjxn")

2. "Tessellate," Tokyo Police Club (suggested by "brklynjxn")

3. "Promises," Basia (suggested by Shelly from Grass Lake)

4. "One Night in Bangkok" from "Chess," Murray Head (suggested by Shelly from Grass Lake)

5. "Atlas," The Wood Brothers (suggested by "BiggbyBob")

Hear the song at the band's official site.

6. "The Weight of Lies," The Avett Brothers

7. "Stump Speech," Great Lakes Myth Society (suggested by me)

stump speech - Great Lakes Myth Society

8. "Journey of the Featherless," Cloud Cult (suggested by me)

Hear the song at

9. "I'm Holding Out," The Reigning Sound (suggested by me)

Hear the song at

10. "Oceans," The Format (suggested by me)

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JD said...

Nice work, Bill! I look forward to reviewing these in more detail, but at first glance it seems like a strong list of suggestions!

Thanks again, and I'll be sure to let you know how things turn out! -Jeremy