Monday, September 22, 2008

Doing the Right Thing!

Kari, from the Waterford store (coming soon) sent me a link to a newsletter from the organization she worked at....just before she left to become a BIGGBY franchisee.

A lot a people want to know how we ultimately approve our operators...the answer to some of that lie inside this newsletter...

It was sort of amazing to me, as I read this newsletter, how many key words lined up with the 'core values' of the Franchise wonder Kari became a franchisee!

Read on!

Executive Director Of LAS Finds New Place To Call “Home”
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What once was a vision for Kari Mascar,
is now a reality. Kari, the Director
of Lutheran Adoption Service (LAS),
will soon be leaving LCFS to pursue her
dream as a coffee shop owner. Biggby
Coffee is a franchise based on the idea
that you can ‘B’ what you want to ‘B’-
something that Kari believes in with all
of her heart.
Since becoming Director of LAS in
2002, Kari has been a part of more than
1300 adoptions. As if that isn’t impressive
enough, in 2004 Kari was instrumental
in getting new adoption legislation
passed, which made it mandatory for
all adoption petitions to be filed within
the same county.
If there is one thing that Kari learned
while at LCFS, it was the importance of
integrity and always doing the right
Although Kari is excited about her
Grand Opening on October 14th, she
will miss the staff at LAS and LCFS.
“I am going to miss the people I work
with the most. They are very dedicated,
capable and knowledgeable. I
have made a lot of friends here.”
Kari is looking forward to the atmosphere
and friends she will make at the
coffee shop. The first time she set foot
in a Biggby, she remembered feeling
very impressed with both the atmosphere
and the philosophy of the company.
She looks forward to creating an
“experience” for everyone who visits
her store. “If I can brighten someone’s
day by providing them a comfortable
and exciting experience, then I have
done my job,” said Kari.
Thank you for your hard work and
dedication Kari; you will be missed!
Kari’s Biggby is located on
Dixie Highway in Waterford
Click here and then click on store 260

“You can never make
everyone happy, you just
always have to do the
right thing.
-Kari Mascar


The Butz Clan said...

Kari - your qoute about 'doing the right thing' is a qoute that I have heard so many times within our company - that is a way of life at BIGGBY - Kari, I think you help define the BIGGBY way!

JD said...

Great little story here, Kari, congrats!

You're getting close--are you excited?!


Tony said...

Kari - You're a class act & a great asset to the BIGGBY family. Your customers will love you and your team. You certainly know what it means to focus on customers/clients. Congrats!

CocoaCarmela said...

Thanks everyone! I am getting excited and it was great to see my old organization and new one getting together like this! Love cyber-space! Let's hear it for Biggby, the Waterford store and Lutheran Child and Family Service, "doing the right thing"! Woo hoo!

Shannon said...

I'm even more excited to check out the Waterford location! I love supporting local business, especially when it's contributing to good people! See you soon, Kari! ~Shannon from Waterford

Anonymous said...

Kari, We'll miss you at LCFS, but will encourage our Auxiliary members to see you at Biggby's in Waterford. God's blessings on this new endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Kari your newsletter was inspiring, thanks for sharing it with us.
We are so excited to have you as our Biggby neighbor, and are looking forward to all the fun events and roadtrips we have scheduled this fall at local businesses to introduce residents to Biggby Best! Bianca, Peter, Rose and Joe in Bloomfield Hills

BIGGBY BOB said...

Bianca? is that you? :)

Anonymous said...

Kari! We are so excited for you and everything that is going on at your new store. I drive by it daily and it looks beautiful. It is inspiring to see all of the wonderful things that Biggby is doing as far as grassroots marketing. No wonder you are so excited to 'B' part of the team. Lutheran Child & Family Service of Michigan is going to miss you- but we are so happy for you and your new endeavor.

PS- Bob, I love your blog. So entertaining. I would love to grab a cup of coffee sometime and pick your brain. Maybe I will run into you at the Biggby opening.