Sunday, September 28, 2008

Extreme MAKEOVER (home edition) and BIGGBY COFFEE

Lori and James of the Mason BIGGBY location have generously donated their time and BIGGBY COFFEE (of course) to a Lansing area EXTREME MAKEOVER...pretty awesome, isn't it!
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On September 26, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” will be traveling to Holt, Michigan, to tell the Nickless family that their 1860’s farmhouse will be remodeled in only seven days! After husband Tim Nickless passed away in January, Arlene and her three sons were left to fend for themselves in the dilapidated home. Therefore, Ty and his designers will rebuild the Nickless’ home to help them eventually rebuild their own lives after their tragic loss.

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Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here....
from above the 45th parallel...
where the leaves are turnin color...

I still title myself Barista, but I have been out of town for a week, so I guess I should check the schedule to see if they still gave me shifts!!!
Anyway, My goodness, I feel bad I haven't been able to check in...everyone has been soooooo busy im my absence...
CONGRATULATIONS to Muskegon, I can't wait to stop there, (this coming weekend). I will bring my camera. Muskegon is the home of my outlaws, so I am as excited about their opening as the longtime residents. As I spend many a holiday and weekend in Muskegon. Best of luck and enjoy.

What a wonderful oportunity for BIGGBY to be the on site coffee for the crew of Extreme Makeover, congrats to the Mason folks for choosing that opportunity. I love BIGGBY operators.(even though I haven't met many of them) Always ready and thinkin....just the way we like it.
The BIGGBY way. Nick and Chanin are the greatest.
I am exhausted just after reading all the posts from the past week and a half.
Keep up the good work and again, Congratulations to Muskekgon and Mason.
Much BIGGBY love,
Barista Lady Di