Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got Ink? B-Hoppy

News from the from line. People LOVE the tattoos. We are having a a great time today. We are hearing things like "you have made my day a little happier," and "WOW" and the on that was my favorite is the lady who was headed to a funeral and said this is just what she need to start the day, a smile.

I started the morning by put one of these on. However, unlike some I put in on the front of my bald head. A majority of the customers that came down to the end of the count laughed out loud. I then gave them the challenge. If they would put it on there forehead for the day I would give them a free drink. I have had two ladies from a local Doctors office take me up on the challenge.

Smile it confuses people,
Ryan Mallory
Store 170

...and a video from SPOT BOB


Anonymous said...

B hoppy is great! I would name my frog Charlie.

JD said...

That's the spirit, Ryan--nice!