Monday, October 20, 2008

Kids love BIGGBY COFFEE too!

A little diddy, for the kids of BIGGBY COFFEE :)

All pictures came from the Bhappylounge , so if you have a great shot...don't forget to submit it!


Anonymous said...

Best video yet! Perfect!

The Butz Clan said...

If this doesn't make you smile I am not sure what would!

Anonymous said...

That was a perfect way to start my morning!! Thanks for sharing all those fun pictures (o:

JD said...

who's that goofy looking little ragamuffin in the oversided B vest? Just kidding--I was hoping to see a Dylan or Danny pic in the mix.

Funny little song, too--about as appropriate as you could get. -JD

Anonymous said...

Hey JD,

That is the future Director of Training you better watch out. HaHa!


Tony said...

How great is that. They're the future of BIGGBY COFFEE!