Friday, February 22, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE -- Home Office

Good Morning,

I started my day at home pounding through my early morning emails.....and after drinking a pot of coffee (mocha java), I figured it was time to get on down the road. I had a meeting with Mike McFall the President of the company, it was quick but I had to give him a few kudo's on the nice FREEP article yesterday. We also were talking about one of the next marketing campaigns.....all I can say about it is 'BOUNCE".....more details later.

I had to go to grand Rapids this morning to review some new products were rolling out, but on my way out of the office I caught this picture of Mary Roszel, and if you notice she is swimming in a sea of blueprints....their on her desk, on the floor, and on the wall. Ya gotta understand we have 73 stores under development besides the 87 open.....this is one busy lady. And if you have ever been in any of our stores you'll agree with me she does a great job. We get compliments every day for our store design and layouts. I came in and snapped this shot....but she shoo-ed me out in a hurry.....she had a meeting with another operator that was just getting started. Thanks Mary! I'm off to GR.

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Anonymous said...

I'm in the Fuller and Michigan street location in GR.. your music is so bothersome and the girls tell me that people complain about it and also the volume.. they can't do anything about it, they say.. well, i'm not coming back.. this is ridiculous.