Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm Out there all right.....!

Good Morning,

So I started the day same as I usually do, checking emails in the morning, then I had to stop by the office to sign some checks, and meet with Austin (he helps Mary get all that design and build done)...he has been helping me with the sign conversion.....I am glad to say we are 92% done!

Before I left I popped my head into the training Center....and look what I saw, you guessed it another set of operators getting trained by Mr. Fabulous Jeremy DeRuiter. I know he is fabulous because his classes were just surveyed and on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest, he had only 4 and 5' huh?

After I was done I hit the road on my way to K-ZOO, I swung through CHARLOTTE for some lunch...and I had to take a picture....we have an operator that wants to open in CHARLOTTE, and Lord knows enough people keep asking me when we're goin' to open one there.

Back on the road again (my ultimate goal is still Kalamazoo) but I have to pull over and do an interview for a prospective franchisee. This is somebody who has already filled out an application, been to a discovery day, has the financial where with all, and all that's left is an interview with the partners in the business. The goal of the interview is to make sure that somebody we are approving to become a franchisee has the same or similar set of 'core values' than we makes for an easy relationship when they do.

I took the opportunity to stop by a location in Battle Creek, that Joe and Jane O'Connor are considering. Joe and Jane have been super-duper operators and this would be their 4th store...I liked the spot (good local and good easy on/easy off)...they deserve the best!

The interview took about a half hour....I've still got twenty minutes of drive before I get to my destination...see you there!


CRE said...

I am excited about a possible store in Charlotte! I am sure we will never see one in Eaton Rapids...but Charlotte is close! :) Keep up the great work! #1fan :)

BIGGBY BOB said...

Hey, #1 fan....don't give up hope yet...Eaton Rapids is not out of the a matter of fact one of our accountant types in the office is from ER and she has been pulin' for one there, for quite some time! I'll let Tony Z. (the franchise guy) know, he is the one that can make it happen.