Thursday, July 24, 2008


So yesterday was a day with a few meetings in the morning, I did some fundraising for Ele's Place...but it was such a beautiful day I was ready to hit the road. I have had George and Nigel on my mind....and I got a lot of reports out of AA last week because of the big Art Fair (they have there every year)...So it was decided!

I had been to the Washtenaw it seemed appropriate to go to the Liberty Street store, right next to the State Theatre. The ride was great, sunny and 80, I drove with the windows down...and I got a few phone calls along the way...and I had a good chat with Tony Z, who was on his way to Kazoo.

AA was under a little road construction...but it didn't really slow me down, I parked behind BORDER'S Bookstore (the original I think), and strolled right into the I walked in there were a lot more people there than I expected for a Wednesday afternoon...and it was good to see. I ordered an Iced Caramel Marvel (it hit the spot) and then sat around incognito for a while. I watched this crew continue to hammer drink after drink out...and then Jordan came in. He is one of those Management types (he runs a coupla stores)...let me tell you he didn't miss a beat, there were a some things that were a little outta' wack when I first got there, but he squared them up in about 3's the way he is. He's got the 'retail eye.' :)

Anyway it was hard for me to interview anybody cuz' they were so busy, but once Jordan arrived I asked Lindsey if she would do me the it is!

PS I never did see Nigel or George....but I did some recon :)


Nigel T. Monkey said...

Lindsey is a really nice lady =) She make delicious drinks and always has a smile. The Liberty Biggby is a great place to people watch, you can sit up on the stools along the window and be entertained for quite some time.
As to my humans...I usually travel around with the Naner Lady, to most she is Kate. She works doing numbers for the University Med School. The Hand, Rob, is my other human and he does computer things for HR people at the University.

JD said...

I had the good fortune to visit the Liberty St. store this week as well, and had a great time chatting with Lindsey and Jamie, who introduced us to a drink they call the "shooter." Imagine a double short vanilla bean prepared as a black and tan, but using cold milk. Sounds goofy, I know, but it was a very interesting drink. I'll attempt to make one today in the Training Center--we'll see! Thanks again for the great visit. -JD

The Butz Clan said...

LINDSEY - I will take a shooter! JD is right we had a great visit there and love the energy!