Saturday, July 19, 2008

BIGGBY COFFEE --East Lansing Field Day

Wow, what an awesome gig this was....we had five events, all of them highly competitive....perfect for us! My team had John Madden and Mohamed Shetiah...strong in spirit...but not very focused :)

In spite of that we took home a first and a second....but I am quite sure we could have done better, ya'know? Anyway I am goin' ta have'ta change up my team next year....I'm gonna start recruting and training right watch out!

Fun, Happy, Energetic....that's the way:)


JD said...

Ohhhh no!!! Terrible!

Michael turned from cameraman into spectator during the sack race...we missed Mohamed's blowout at the beginning and watched the grass most of the time.

At least he was able to capture John tackling Brooke, truly an outstanding (soon, notorious) moment in the annals of Field Day fame.

The Butz Clan said...

Bob - I think you had to barter for one of those ribbons didn't you? Where they both earned?

The Butz Clan said...

JD - you are so right, I finally watched the whole video - wow need a class