Monday, September 8, 2008

New Location ....Detroit Receiving Hospital

Oh my was I ever impressed! I went to Detroit Receiving Hospital to go visit a new location opening this Sunday....that set of Detroit Hospitals is simply unbelievably impressive (it's a whole city onto itself), 'course I am not sure what I was expecting but take a visit link to the hospital

I was coming from the GM-RenCen....where I was a panelist for the Michigan Works Annual conference...What a great conference!

I had a great time at the Ren Cen...and at Detroit a matter of fact I gonna go back on Sunday and hit the DIA go to DIA ...course that's 'Detroit Institute of Art' not 'Defense Intelligence Agency' :)....I haven't been in a while!

Take a look at this store under's the third two story BIGGBY! Has anybody ever been to the Children's Hospital or Detroit Receiving or the Karmanos Cancer Center?


JD said...

So, yeah, this store is not at all what I pictured--I was thinking kiosk in a hospital? With seating upstairs? I expected it to be a little tight, but it's not at all! There are about 10 tables, 3 of the big soft seats, fireplace, flat screen's a little ridiculous. What a great oasis for the hospital staff and visitors.

And if Day One is any indication for what's coming, we had lots of curious soon-to-be-customers peeking in through the windows and a great group of trainees that are fired up about Opening Day on Sunday.

Great job today, crew!


Anonymous said...

Can anyone name the other two (2) multi level stores?


JD said...

Too easy. Let's let a non-Ops team member take a guess. Think Gerald R. Ford and Mud Hens for the cities...

Anonymous said...

I've been to the one in Toledo... love those Mud Hens! And the two story store was pretty awesome, too!

Tony said...

The other one is located in Grand Rapids, MI on the East Beltline, just north of 28th St. It's a gorgeous store! The Barker clan run that one, as well as a bunch more in G.R. Since it's close to a college, there's always students hanging out in the loft.

Check it out.

The Butz Clan said...

JD - I hope Kevin and Misty are able to keep up with you!