Thursday, March 27, 2008

Albion College

So I left the Marshall BIGGBY COFFEE, and knew I had about twenty minutes to go down the road. I've got my GOOGLE map this I'm pretty sure I can find Norris Hall. I get off the freeway exit and follow Business 94 all the way in, passing the local Felpausch grocery store .....typical main street all the way in.....then boom you're at Albion College....has sort of a feeling that you might find at a college located in the North East. I am able to park right up front...I had to take a couple of phone calls along the way, and I was still on the phone as I looked for the main entrance.

I musta looked lost, there was a guy out front trying to flag me was David, he was my main contact for this event....he is the Director of Educational Programming for the club S.E.E. at Albion College. Really he took care of everything for me and did a great job....we did the 'howdy-doos' and slipped inside.

We had about ten minutes left before things got started, and the gang helped load one of those boring slides shows....from my computer to a jump drive and into their computer....they had it well under hand. I also pulled up our website and of course the blog....I like to open up with the slides (you know, get all the propaganda out of the way early), my favorite part is the Qn'A, that's where things always heat up.

I was a little takin' back initially, normally when a young crowd like this gathers...people can be a little shy....and we all gently avoid each other until you do the presentation...but there must be something in the water there at Albion...cuz' I shook more hands than I thought I would, people were coming up and introducing themselves and telling me made me feel right at home, ya'know?

While people were still filtering in I met Heather (El Presedente) of the surprise she is a leader.....there was no doubt that she was in charge. I got her to stop for a moment so I could snap a shot....she told me that we would start about ten past the hour....I saluted, and told her I'd be ready!

Now if you look in the background of Heather's can see David Wheatley trying duck outta the picture...or maybe he was just trying to show me his good side:) Anyway, David did take a moment to introduce himself....turns out he is Co-Author of a book called "50 DOs for Everyday Leadership"....Cool!

He is also a Humanergy co-founder and is a former Scotland Yard officer . Well we had a lot to talk about there, cuz I lived in London myself for a coupla years....I'm glad I never ran across him (in an official capacity) then...whew! Anyway, last night I'm thumbing through the book (he gave me a signed copy) and diggin' a lot of what they are sayin....the opening quote is "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things."'s a quote from Drucker .....right up my alley, philosophically speaking.

I figure David deserves a better picture than the one I took from my camera I called his publicist....and this is what they sent me (kidding.) But I do want to thank you again.....and I appreciate all the questions you asked!....I had to think pretty quick on my feet last night....all the questions I got were good 'let's get to the bottom of this' kinda favorite:)

I met all kinds last night including Andrew, another one of those firm hand shakers....and the enough enthusiasm to light Gotham City.
And then there was Erika (yeah, that's with a K) named after her father....she was floating around like a helium balloon, the whole time...and she is a Primo Biggby customer, and told me about all the different stores she goes to....and all about e-wards and so was hard to keep up with her.

All in all it was a great night....and the Qn'A lasted a lot longer than I expected....we had about 60 people and I didn't see anybody nodding off. I took the usual questions on the side....and I met Dr. Mike Frandsen....his title is 'Director, Carl A. Gerstacker Liberal Arts Institute for Professional Management', jeez, that's heck of a title there....can't be easy to wheel that one off :)....anyway he thanked me too....sorta gave me his history pre-college....turns out he was 11 years in Corporate Finance (wow, sorry about that, Mike!)...I think I like your current vocation a lot better, even if it is harder to say your title:)
Thanks Albion College!


Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here...
from above the 45th parallel
where it is still WAY TOO COLD

Bob, sounds like the parking at Albion was a bit more liberal compared to Western. With regards to daily life....
another mantra.....
something bad....something good, from my good friend Charlie-Mon a Kalamazoo College grad.
thanks Charlie for letting me repeat.
Nick and Chanin are the greatest,
again and always...
Much BIGGBY love
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th parallel

David said...

Bob, Thanks for the kind comments about our book. As you were speaking I got the impression we were on the same page from a leadership perspective - lead your people well, they will lead your organization well. I'd love to catch up next time you are in Marshall Biggby's... Cheers.... David Wheatley

Anonymous said...

You should visit us at Owens Community College in Perrysburg OH. Everyone walks around with a BIGGBY cup and the people working there are great. I was worried, at first, that it wouldn't compare to the regular stores (which I LOVE) but it tastes just as delicious! It also does a pretty good job of keeping our hands warm in the cold classrooms. Even the teachers/professors usually come in holding a cup. Safe and Happy Travels ~Jennifer

BIGGBY BOB said...

Owens College,
I'm comin', I am definately coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Bob, we really enjoyed your amazing lecture at Albion College. Thanks for staying so late and answering our many questions about entrepreneurship, and of course coffee. You inspired me and a few other students I spoke with to open the businesses we've been dreaming about. Not many CEOs stick around long enough to guide students to their potential futures, so thank you for putting in such an effort. You are the quintessential speaker we want at S.E.E events, and hope that sometime next year you'll visit us again! Owens College will really have a great time when you visit them!

Founder of S.E.E.