Monday, March 10, 2008


Happy Monday!
If it seems like the blog has been a little light....I have to admit I have been under the weather lately. I usually get one big version of a knock down drag out cold in the winter months...I was able to stave that off until last Thursday....this one took me down for the count. 'Course I'm still able to work....but I don't think it is a good idea to go visit some of the locations and just make everybody else sick too.
I'm sittin' here in my home office and I came across this article...

It's about a location we have going in Flint.....Melissa and Brad are the operators....we think it is about the coolest thing on earth....Flint has seen some rough days...most well articulated in Michael Moore’s film 'Roger and Me' ..... and now it's all about revitalizing Flint....the partners in our company have always believed in urban revitalization...and here Melissa and Brad are jumping in with both feet....kudos guys!

Flint is known for a lot of things, but if your a runner like me, it has one of the most dynamic 10 mile runs in Michigan....The Crim, started by former Speaker of the House Bobby Crim ...a tough run but full of all kinds of antics like garage bands, speakers, preachers, donuts, beer, barefoot runners....and so on.
Anyway...the building is under construction....shouldn't be long now!


Anonymous said...

How should one apply for a job at this location? Is there a place to send a resume to?

Also, is there any information on the one being put up in Davison, MI?


Anonymous said...

YEA!! I am an Okemos patron of Biggby but have family in Flint and now when I go there I don't have to go to that OTHER coffee shop. I can go to may favorite: BIGGBY. WHERE is it located???
A big fan,
Mary Beth

Anonymous said...

Hey its May and the store has windows but is completely empty inside. I don't think it will be open by time you run by it in the CRIM. Whats your wordes on that.

Anonymous said...

To bad Biggby coffee isn't going in. I love it when you "news" people get the fact wrong. Better check the jail cells for the two cons who tried opening it. Or maybe check the house they may have forclosed on and are now squatting in.