Thursday, March 27, 2008

A blast from the past....BIGGBY (original store)

Hot off the press from our B-Heard hotline (online)

We get these notes every once in a while and I like to share them with you....You see, everything you do in business affects peoples lives....and that impact can be long lasting....Julie was part of that original crew (13 years ago!) that made everything happen....passion ran high and we were all so plugged into what we were doing. Not much has changed...Of course the torch has been passed to our franchisees....but they get it too -- People are what makes the difference....we miss you too Julie!

I miss Biggby (Beaners when I worked there) so much. It was December of 1995 and Bob and Mary hired me and provided the most intense training ever! I live in Seattle now and work at the University of Washington where almost every building on campus has a coffee stand - but I have found very few who come close to the attention to detail in pulling shots and foaming milk and none that have as good taste as I remember. Starbucks has nothing on Biggby and I can not bring myself to enter any of their stores. Any plans to expand to the coffee obsessed (we really, truly are) Pacific NW? Hello to Bob and Mary and thank you for taking me on and teaching me alot - especially how to stretch that fat free milk to make an extra dry cap. So great to see how well the business is doing - I miss the converted Abry's store near MSU.
Go Spartans!


Unknown said...

The passion around Biggby is palpable – EVERYONE has been infected: customers, employees, ex-employees, owners, etc... Thanks for the wonderful experience!

BIGGBY BOB said...

John, what a great word palpable...

pal·pa·ble /ˈpælpəbəl/
–adjective 1. readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident:

..and your right...Everyone has been infected...

Thank you!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here....
from above the 45th parallell..
where it is still

I second that emotion.....

Nick and Chanin rock
Much BIGGBY love,
Barista Lady Di
from above the 45th parallel