Friday, March 7, 2008

Who is that guy?

Who is that Guy? Handsome fellow that's for sure, all decked out in his euro-chic outfit, feelin' on the top of his game....or is he? I had to take this photo twice....Now I'll give you this, I'm not the world's best photographer and my cell phone isn't the best equipment....but in one of these shots he is lookin' a little more relaxed....I'll let you decide whether it's A or B, let me know.... (hint...the hands tell the story)



But, to answer the question, this is Will Gross (primo franchisee), smart guy, team player, and has a wife and kids (ladies). Will owns the location that we have in Lansing on South Cedar....and he is the gentleman building the one in Holt I spoke about a few days ago, on my way to Jackson. I was in the Corporate Office to get my weekly update from our President, Mike McFall (two hours...whew!), and I was just about to make a run for it, before anybody else knew I was in the building....but I passed by a conference room with this happy face looking out. I put on the brakes, cuz' Will's one of those people ya' gotta talk to....always enthusiatic, beaming postitive energy, wantin' to get things done....and when you run into that kind of person, you have to say hello...hanging out with him is like recharging your batteries....and I could always use a little extra juice. Thanks Will for taking the time....and I heard this question from a couple of people "when is that Holt store gonna' open" ...I am sure you heard it too...but drop us a line if you got a firm date....k?

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The Butz Clan said...

I think Will looks great in both pictures, not to worry, Will!