Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey Nick.....nice job, that's the kind of ROI (return on involvement) I like to see.....


The Butz Clan said...

2 years in a row in this event as I remember it Nick! Thank you for your involvement in the community!

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here,
from above the 45th parallel,
We love Nick and Chanin, they have done a great job and put in a super effort. We are working as part of their BIGGBY team to make our shop the best it can be. Nick and Chanin you rock,
much BIGGBY love,
Your favorite Barista,
Lady Di

Lady Di said...

Barista Lady Di here again,
I had to add, I am blog addicted to Bob's blog, I love it.
I enjoy hearing about all the other locations and the GREAT people that work for all the BIGGBY sites.
I also needed to add, this time I did my bloggin on my time not my Barista time.
You're welcome Nick!!
again much BIGGBY love,
Your FAVORITE Barista,
Lady Di