Monday, March 10, 2008

Something Funny

Not the best photo...but really?

If I am A&W...I'm not too happy about the placement here. I mean A&W is advertising something called 'Cheese Curds' (which is a name for a product which I am sure is excellent, but I am still having trouble coming to grips with it)

I shouldn't knock it till I have tried it, but anything with the name 'curd', just doesn't sound like it would be followed by the usual 'mmmmmm'.

Anyway, right next to them is a PSA for losing weight sponsored by the goverment ...I read up on the site, and I like what they say....but the ad is a little jarring (effective), with it's beach ball stomach letting all the air out...

Anyway, all of it stuck me as a little funny, and a quite a juxtapostion.....thanks Adams did it again!

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JD said...

That is MIT class had a good laugh over it. I hope the Something Funny posts are a continuing theme in your blog!