Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am up and at it early this morning...knowing that I will be out of pocket much of today. I have two meetings set up with two different equipment vendors. These guys are all from Italy and it takes a little concentration to get what their saying all the will take more energy than it should. These meetings are a little bit of an all day I wanted to drop a line before I headed out the door. I know I still owe everybody a little something on PE ratios....I've already dropped a hint about ROI (Return on Involvment), but I won't be able to get to PE till later this evening.

Until then I have two bits of is about ROI again, the other is about the character of our operators.

First a little shout out to Terri Hawes....a manager for BIGGBY COFFEE in the Metro Detroit area...she attended the South Oakland Business Expo where she said this to the Daily Tribune....

"Terri Hawes, a manager for Biggby Coffee, poured cups of their special blends and told people about her store at 30332 Woodward, Royal Oak, and another one coming to Madison Heights.

"We're so busy in Royal Oak we now open an hour earlier at 5 a.m.," Hawes said. "We have free WiFi and our stores have become offices for some people."

Biggby coffee patrons also spill over to the 1-800-flowers shop next door, which opens at 7 a.m.
"We actually get a lot of people who buy their coffee then come over to get flowers to take to work for people's birthdays and other occasions," manager Nichole Baker said. "We get a lot of customers from 7-7:30 a.m.""

That's the way to "do it" Terri....positive, positive, positive... for the full article go to ....I couldn't have given the quotes better myself....Keep up the good work!

Second is a little tidbit into the O'Connor clan (they own three stores with more on the way)....What does this headline have to do with BIGGBY COFFEE .....

Guts Frisbee team aims to soar at world games

Everything! This is really what it's all it your all! For those of you that have met anybody in the O'Connor clan you will agree they are over the top (in a good way)....they have the big "E"...ENERGY....actually they have the double "E"....and here is the story in the LSJ that proves it....

This is a story about a 'Guts Frisbee' team that made it to the Nationals and is now moving on to the World Championship in Vancouver, British Columbia, next August. Joey O'connor son of Joe and Jane O'Connor is off to the World championship....that's impressive, but whats more, he is 24-years-old, a MSU grad, he manages a BIGGBY COFFEE and is working his way towards a medical degree. WOW-WEE.....can you imagine? But for this family...if their not doin' fifteen things their just not workin' hard. That's the way they's a genetic phenomenon. Every member of that family works harder than the next....they got the double "E" ....and it shows, it shows in their stores, in their employees, and in how they operate. These guys have won all kinds of awards, both internal and external....they deserve every one of them...kudos Joe....and Thanks for making BIGGBY COFFEE such a great place to go!

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