Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Good Morning....I am locked down for about six hours at the front desk of the corporate office. My shift runs from 8am to 1pm....we all take turns running the front gives you a good perspective of what's goin' on.
I stopped through the training center....and yes, there was another class in session...a great group!
I ran into Lori who is opening the Mason location (I talked about her store a couple of weeks ago) and she is quite excited. She has been dealing with a MDOT issue related to her front drive onto M-36.....and if she has to do what they are suggesting, she would have to spend an additional $100,000 to change the drives.....Holy Cow! Well an article came out in the LSJ and in it the Gov essentially comments on this situation in a postive manner....
"City Administrator Marty Colburn also mentioned that Biggby Coffee wanted to open a franchise on M-36. Because of ingress and egress issues created by the state's reconfiguration requirement, it would cost Biggby $100,000 to start a business there.

"A policy set that does not allow fine-tuning is not a good policy," Granholm said.

She said she would work with Byrum to address those local concerns, and added that there is enough flexibility within the state government to "soften" the issues and help create "dynamic downtowns."
How cool is that? Boy that's the kinda language I like to hear from our public officials....essentially "Let's work together."
Instrumental in all this has been Barb Byrum (D-Onadaga), she owns her own business too, and brings a real practical perspective to it all....Thanks Barb!
If you want to drop a line to Rep Byrum and thank her, go to
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Anonymous said...

I am glad that Michigan has such an enterprising individual like Bob Fish, who makes starting and running a business look easy!
Anyone who has tried to start or run a small business knows that it means countless hours and endless work. When I read your post, today, I was reminded taht small businesses provide so many jobs here in Michigan. The state needs to work to help entrepreneurs flourish.
I want you and the other readers to know that I have been working with the Michigan Department of Transportation, Biggbys and the building owenrs and renters to develop a safe and prosperous Biggby in Mason.
If any of your readers have any questions or concerns about this or any other matter, please feel free to contact me at or at 517/ 373-0587

BIGGBY BOB said...

Representative Barb are the best!