Monday, March 3, 2008


Good Morning,

I started my day off with a round of emails and a pot of Mocha Java drip coffee at home. Then by 7:45 I was in our training center with the rest of the gang getting ready for 'Discovery Day' (this is the day where new potential franchisees come and spend the day with see, touch, and feel what it's all about).

There is a slight skip in my step cuz' the thermometer is reading 50 degrees instead of 15 degrees. We are starting to get the big thaw....Spring!.....this should make it a little easier to get for me in Detroit (thanks, Sandy Green.)

Anyway when I have Discovery Day, I can't get out of town, because I personally conduct a Roasting I decided to drop into a store with little history. We call it Store #3, and it's no coincidance that I'm here on 03/03....course this store is our oldest franchise operation, opened in August of 1999. It had beeen many a coffee concept before BIGGBY opened up here, including a place called Cafe Barista, and a place called Yo'Cone....all these operations struggled, but once it bacame a BIGGBY started going places....and it put us on the map as a franchisor of coffee shops.
When I came in was just around noon, Paige Fleming took my order, the cash register is straight onto the door at this location....and Paige did an adequate job of taking my order, but it wasn't the usual, knock yer socks off, blow ya away experience that I'm used to at BIGGBY COFFEE. I ordered one of my usuals....a double short latte...mmmm, m. I gotta say that was one of the best double shorts I had in long time, and that's sayin' a lot, considering I made myself one this morning for our 'good morning toast' in the Training Center....thanks (Paige!)
Well my stay here is short, I have to get off to the roasting faciltity (I want to try and catch Paul in action)...and even though this store is looking more than a little rough around the edges....somehow, almost in spite of hangs on to that BIGGBY charm.
See you in a couple of hours.... :)


Anonymous said...

#3 is a tight-knit group, and some of them are the nices people I have ever met in my life! Your less-than-knock-your-socks-off experience wont happen again. I am there frequently and love it every day. I get knock-your-socks-off service every day.

Come back soon (That's a challenge) and you'll see how great those girls are.

Think about it.

BIGGBY BOB said...

Ok're on. I accept the 'Arnold' said..."I'll be back"...

Anonymous said...

hey!! i love your coffee and thats one of the best places to go!! i go to the one on marsh come to the one on marsh (but let me know first) and you'll have the best service ever!! i also met one of the co-founders of biggbys coffee at my career day and i thought it was so cool..i asked a question so i got a card and i went into that biggbys that night and asked for the very biggest of you mintchoch freeze!! im obbsesed, so i just wanted to say thanks!!for making the best drink of all time!!!

Anonymous said...

When are there going to be more discovery days?? I'm interested in attending one!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Bob I second the challenge to come back to #3. I love them and always get top notch service when I am there which is just about every day. Give Paige a chance she's just shy. I am on a first name basis with all of the morning crew and they do an excellent job!!